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  Shear probes
The PNS shear probe measures the small scale velocity shear (turbulence) in the water. It is designed for profiling measurements, or it has to be aligned with the mean current when used in a fixed position (e.g., in a river). The PNS shear probe has a high sensitivity, but low susceptibility to mechanical stresses.
Temperature microstructure sensor
Fast temperature sensors based on FP07 thermistors
Conductivity microstructure sensor
The C-MS microstructure conductivity sensor is a capillary type two electrode probe. The inner electrode in the conic sensor tip is a wire with a diameter of 2.3mm. The outer electrode is the surface of the cylindrical sensor. The spatial response of the sensor is approx. 5 times the capillary tube diameter.
Acceleration sensor
The ACC acceleration sensor measures the horizontal (sideward) acceleration of the microstructure profiler. This measurement is necessary to control data delivered by the velocity shear sensors. The shear sensors measure the turbulent velocity fluctuation and the profiler vibration as well. Based on the ACC measurements, the contribution of profiler vibration to the calculated dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy can be estimated.

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