The SWM winches are portable winches specially designed to operate free sinking microstructure probes. Except the manual winch SWM200, all other winches are driven by electrical 3-phases AC motors (power supply 230 VAC 50/60 Hz). The winches SWM400, 1000 and 2000 are mounted to the ship's bulwark. The winches can be orientated in any direction. An outrigger at the winch compensates for ship's and wave movements. The SWM3000 is a deck winch equipped with  an automatically power block. All winches have continuous speed regulation. The winches are  made from stainless steel. If required, all winches can be adapted to specific requests.

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Portable manual winch
Max. capacity 200m cable 


Portable electrical winch
Max. capacity 400m cable


Portable electrical winch
Max. capacity 1000m cable


Portable electrical winch
Max. capacity 2000m cable


Portable electrical winch
Max. capacity 3000m cable 

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