To minimise the vibration of free sinking or rising microstructure profiler, special cable between profiler and ship must be used. ISW offers several cables with properties optimised for sinking and rising microstructure profiler.

The cables are very flexible, robust and reliable. All cables have a polyurethane jacked and kevlar strength members. Due to a special surface structure and its high flexibility, the cables run safely from the drum of the winch.

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There are three classes of cables:

  • MSC4/190:
    The cable is specially designed for the MSS60 and MSS90 profiler (sinking measurements).
    Its sinking velocity in water is adjusted to the sinking velocity of the profiler.
    The cable can also be used to operate other light profilers.

  • MSC4/500:
    Cable can be used for the MSS90-D profiler, but also for profilers like, e.g., FLY or TurboMAP.

  • SMC4/100:
    Special cable for rising measurements with the MSS Profiler.

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