ISW offers the evaluation of microstructure and turbulence raw data as obtained from the MSS profiler.

The following data processing procedures are carried out:

•  Data validation
•  Calculation of standard oceanographic parameters
•  Calculation of microstructure and turbulence parameters
•  Graphical presentation of the calculated parameters
•  Documentation of all steps of data evaluation

Dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy and density stratification during a 8 days
period in March 1999 in the central Baltic Sea. Measurements and data processing
by ISW as a subcontractor of the Institute for Baltic Research, Warnemünde.

Routinely calculated microstructure parameters:

  • Dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy
  • Thermal dissipation rate
  • Cox numbers
  • Thorpe scale
  • Eddy diffusivities

Further parameters on request!

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