Based on its outstanding experience in microstructure investigations, measurement technology, and data evaluation, ISW Wassermesstechnik Dr. Hartmut Prandke offers training courses for microstructure measurements and data evaluation.

The courses are addressed to customers of the MSS Profiler and scientists and technicians, who wants to start marine or limnic microstructure investigations using modern microstructure measurement technology. A minimum duration of 3 days is recommended for the complete training program. The courses are hold at the customer's site. If requested, in combination with a short measuring campaign.

Topics of the training courses:

  • Introduction into the methods and technology of microstructure/turbulence measurements
  • Handling of the MSS Profiler for sinking and rising measurements
    (including deployment technology and data acquisition)
  • Data quality control, sensor tests, and system checks during measurement campaigns
  • Maintenance of the MSS Profiler
  • Evaluation of microstructure data: validation, filtering, computation of microstructure parameters
  • Quality assessment and interpretation of calculated microstructure parameters

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