ISW participation in larger research & development projects:

/1/ MICSOS  Development of microstructure measurement technology for oceanographic research
EUROMAR project 1246, 1994-1998 
/2/ BASYS Baltic Sea system study
EU project MAS3-CT96-0058, 1996-1999
/3/ PHASE Physical forcing and biogeochemical fluxes in shallow coastal ecosystems
EU project MAS3-CT96-0053, 1996-1999
/4/ MITEC Improved Microstructure Technologies for near Surface Flux Measurements
EU project MAS3-CT97-114, 1998-2000
/5/ KEYCOP  Key Coastal Processes in the Mesotrophic Skagerrak and the Oligotrophic Northern Aegean: A Comparative Study, EU project MAS3-CT97-148, 1999-2001
/6/ PROVESS Processes of Vertical Exchange in Shelf Seas
EU project MAS3-CT97-159, 1998-2000
/7/ DIAMIX Diapycnal mixing in the Baltic proper
International project, Germany, Finland, Poland, Sweden, 1998-2001
/8/ BASEWECS Influence of the Baltic sea and its annual ice coverage on the water and energy budget of the Baltic area, 2001-2004
/9/ OAERRE Oceanographic applications to eutrofication in regions of restricted exchange
EU project EVK3-CT1999-00002, 2001
/10/ CARTUM EU Concerted action MAS3
/11/ RASP Remote Anthropogenic Sensing Program
International project, 2002-2005
/12/ EIFEX European Iron Fertilization Experiment
FS "Polarstern", 2004
/13/ QUANTAS Quantification of water mass transformations in the Arkona sea
International project, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, 2004-2007

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