MSSpro is a program for microstructure data acquisition and evaluation. It is specially designed for customers of the MSS Profiler. MSSpro has the character of a toolbox. It consists of a management program and many singular executable programs (modules) to carry out data acquisition and various steps of data evaluation. The management program handles all modules and manages the dialogue with the user of the program. Single modules can be combined to macros. The macros can be applied to one data file or to a list of data files.

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Data evaluation:

  • Various modules are available for validation, filtering and other data processing
  • Standard oceanographic parameters as well as a broad variety of microstructure parameters
  • Steps and the sequence in the data evaluation process can be selected by the customer
  • Quicklook modules enable the graphical display and quality check (e.g. spectral analysis) of the calculated parameters

Data format:

  • Output files are in ASCII format
  • Easy to export into other programs, e.g., for graphic data presentation
  • PC under Windows

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