Hartmut Prandke studied physics at the University of Rostock 1969-1973 and received his diploma in experimental physics. From 1973 to 1992 he was Research Scientist at the former Institute of Marine Research of the German Academy of Sciences in Warnemünde. He finished 1978 his Ph.D. thesis on light scattering investigations in the Baltic. Since 1979 he worked on the field of microstructure and turbulence investigations in the sea. 1986 he graduated in physical oceanography about microstructure measuring technologies and occurrence, properties and intensity of microscale stratification and turbulence in the Baltic. 1992 he worked as a manager for R&D in a company for environmental techniques. 1993 to 1997 he was project manager in the former company ME Meerestechnik-Elektronik GmbH. Since 1998 he runs his own company ISW Wassermesstechnik, which provides scientific consulting, technical development and services in the field aquatic measurements, especially for microstructure and turbulence investigations in marine and limnic waters. H. Prandke has extended experience in physical oceanography (especially underwater optics, marine acoustics, microstructure and turbulence) and oceanographic and environmental measuring instrumentation (in situ optical instruments, microstructure measuring systems, multiparameter measuring systems, oceanographic sensors). He was planning and leading many oceanographic cruises and participated in several international R&D projects (MICSOS, PHASE, PROVESS, KEYCOP, MITEC, DIAMIX). He stayed as a visiting scientist at Institutes in Poland, Russia, USA, Canada and Italy. More than 40 publications in books and scientific journal and 8 patent applications could be presented.